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 What circuit bending is

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             What Circuitbending Is

  Fractal's take on Circuitbending:

 Circuit bending is “the art of unleashing the ghost in the machine,” R. Ghazala.  Circuit bending is the hacking or short-circuiting of consumer electronics to create new sounds for music and audio visual art.  Musicians like Richard D. James of Aphex twin, Tom waits, Masami Akita of Merzbow, and Mike Patton of Mr. Bungle and tomahawk; use circuit bent items in their music they make, and during live performances. Circuit bending is usually associated with different types of electronic music.  A man named Reed Ghazala was the first person to coin the term of circuit bending.  When he found out in 1966 the awesome sound a transistor amplifier made in his desk drawer when it shorted out against a metal object in his desk drawer.  He then went on to write about the discovery of his founding’s in EMI magazine and for Wiley and Sons publishing, later they would published his book  Circuit Bending, building your own alien instruments by Ghazala.  Circuit bending was also experimented on by other pioneers of electronic music such as Bob Moog, and Raymond Scott,  (Raymond Scott doesn’t receive as much credit as he should for his work in Electronic Instruments and electronic music.)   A young Bob Moog and his father made Theremins for Raymond Scott.  Raymond Scott would turn Moog's Thermin into one of the first electronic keyboard instruments called the Clavivox. this keyboard was patented in 1956.  Later Clavivox models used light shining through photographic film onto photocells as a source of control voltage to control pitch and timbre.  (If this isn't circuit bending then I don't know what is.)  The Moog's would also make circuits for many of Scotts Instruments, witch later would evolve into circuits that would later used in Moogs instruments.  Raymond Scott was also the inventor of the first Electro- mechanical sequencer.(1)   Raymond Scott also wrote music for Tom & Jerry and bugs bunny cartoons, as well as; for his jazz quintet, TV commercials, and projects done for Jim Henson.  For more on circuit bending go to Wikipedia’s page on circuit bending, and for more on one of the GREATEST pioneers on electronic music Raymond Scott  go to the Raymond Scott site.  For other links and sites as well go to my Links Page!



COMING SOON: FractalStudios bends, as well as links to their purchase, links to bent sounds, and Bent Refils.  Check back for More on Fractals take on circuit bending as well as links to bends